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   DAVID HARROWER’S CHILLING AND COMPELLING STAGE ADAPTATION OF THE CLASSIC JOHN WYNDHAM SCI-FI NOVEL. Applause Youth Theatre in association with Dorking Halls presented ONE PERFORMANCE ONLY as part of ARTS ALIVE festival 2005, in the 50th anniversary of the publication of “THE CHRYSALIDS” “….how does it feel to be…DIFFERENT !!!”

OCTOBER 2005: THE CHRYSALIDS by David Harrower.

JUNE 2006: THE JOLLIES by Alan Aykbourn.

   Fancy taking the kids to see a MAGIC show? Jilly Jollie does – she remembers seeing THE GREAT MAGICO back in the days when SHE was a little girl - so what could be better as a birthday treat for little Billy than to take him and his older sister Polly to Magico’s show - the trouble is, not all of MAGICO’s props are quite as reliable as they used to be……

JUNE 2007: SCHOOL JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH by Daisy Campbell with Ken Campbell.

JUNE 2008: GIZMO by Alan Ayckbourn.

   All aboard the coach! A bunch of school-kids set off on a school trip to Alton Towers – or are they really all heading for a destination altogether more sinister and frightening?

JANUARY 2009: BLITZ: A Musical by Lionel Bart.

   Kal and his friends are having a sleep-over. Just before midnight , tiring of telling the others spooky stories, Kal decides (as you do) to explore the old run-down empty house down the road which is rumoured to have been the scene of a murder - and the others, with varying degrees of reluctance, join in. But before the night is out, each one of them is forced to confront their own secret special unique fear.

    Judith Johnson’s beautifully scripted comedy was commissioned by the National Theatre for their 2007 ‘Connections’ season of plays for young people.

MARCH 2009: SUCCESS: A play by Nick Drake.

   Aytco's 2009 musical was Lionel Bart's colourful and evocative musical BLITZ!

    In1940 the East End of London is taking a terrible pounding from Hitler's bombs. Life, however, goes on for Mrs. Blitztein and her family, especially petty-criminal son Harry and beautiful daughter Carol. They fight their own battles with neighbours and authorities alike, through many situations, humorous and tragic.

   An epic tale of love, greed and moral dilemma, told on a contemporary backdrop.

    ‘Success’ is part of the National Theatre’s 2009 ‘New Connections’ project, the UK’s flagship youth drama festival. 12 brand new specially commissioned plays will be produced by 200 schools and youth groups up and down the country, to be performed not only in each group’s home venue, but in a series of regional festivals, and finally on-stage at the National Theatre on the South Bank in the first week of July.


    Success is a one-act play with a performance time of 60 minutes.


pAst PRoDuCtIOns

JANUARY 2007: BACK TO THE 80'S by Neil Gooding.

Applause Youth Theatre Company (AYTCO) at Dorking Halls. Surrey.

   Applause Youth Theatre presented their first musical production at Dorking Halls on January 5th and 6th 2007

   This is the story of Joey Hawk, alias ‘Birdman’. Fifteen years old, no family, no friends - a loner with nothing to lose.

JANUARY 2008: THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE: Musical by Richard Morris, Dick Scanlon & Jeanine Tesori.

   Inspired by the blockbuster movie, this roaring 20’s musical romance absolutely zings along with catchy songs, fabulous dance set-pieces and above all…

…an ocean of flirty fun!!

JUNE 2007: BURN by Deborah Gearing.

   Ben’s life is in turmoil – literally paralysed with fear after witnessing at close-hand an appalling crime, he now finds himself the guinea-pig at the forefront of a top-secret medical research project, code-named GIZMO. Ben is in the hands of some of the UK’s finest doctors and scientists. Only thing is – what would happen if control of GIZMO were to get into the wrong hands?

JUNE 2008: SCARY PLAY by Judith Johnson

October 2009: A Midsummer Night's Dream: by Julian Chenery, Matt Gimblett and William Shakespeare